Technology-led Business Innovation

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Keynote speaking on creating high performance organizations, leadership and technology-led business innovation at scale.


Training on how to create a capability that enables your organization to transform continuously to meet internal, market and customer demands.


Executive and leadership coaching on business model innovation, product development, organizational design and business transformation.


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Barry takes a refreshing and highly effective approach to getting a cross-functional group of managers to identify and prove value from innovation that would otherwise remain hidden or blocked in their business. The approach of driving very early customer testing well ahead of when it would normally be done - in parallel with developing the bigger vision - forces a focus on minimum viable product and early proof points. This proved to be very engaging in our business for stakeholders up to board level - instead of 'here is a big programme - trust us' the message was 'here is a game changing initiative and you can touch and feel the first steps of it'. Barry brings a very practical style and methodology to bear which empowered the team - so we really owned the outcome and developed both as a team and as individuals.

Barry was instrumental in the conception and formation of an ‘innovation engine’ at Not only were we able to identify and develop winning ideas at pace but the whole organization was reinvigorated by an approach which delivered measurable results.

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Technology-led Business Innovation

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