Lean Enterprise Book Tour: North America and Europe

by Barry O'Reilly

Today Joanne and I commence a three week series of events in North America and Europe to support the launch of our book with Jez, Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organization Innovate At Scale.

The response to the book has been fantastic. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to write a review on Amazon or O’Reilly Media. If haven’t already, please add your thoughts too — we thrive on feedback!

The purpose of this series is to engage business leaders in discussing the topics covered in the book, along with how you can start to implement them in your own organizations.

Lean Enterprise

By 2025, 75% of the companies in S&P 500 will be replaced. In 1960, the average lifespan of a company on the list was 61 years. In 1980, it was 25 years. Today, it’s 18.

The pace of change is accelerating. Organizations must continually revisit the question, “What businesses are we in, and how can we organize to maximize our long-term potential?

We’ll show how you can lead in the era of disruption by sharing pragmatic strategies on navigating the most troublesome and counterintuitive aspects of scaling innovation. Gain insights into processes, portfolio and financial management practices, and organizational design and culture that will help you unleash innovation in the enterprise.

This is an exclusive executive event, and space is limited. Reserve your spot today, and we’ll confirm your registration


  • Dallas – Wednesday 27 May
  • Atlanta – Thursday 28 May
  • Toronto – Tuesday 2 June
  • New York – Wednesday 3 June
  • Chicago – Thursday 4 June
  • Santa Clara – Tuesday 9 June
  • London – Thursday 18 June

In Santa Clara, we are hosting an exciting breakfast program in partnership with Churchill Club.

Joanne, Jez and I will join Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer at SAP; Bask Iyer, Chief Information Officer at VMware; and Jody Mulkey, Chief Technology Officer at Ticketmaster to discuss key trends and their implications for the future of the high-performing enterprise. More details here.

What if I cannot make it?

If you are not able to attend, I would recommend tuning into the recent series of webinars Joanne, Jez and I did with O’Reilly Media.

You can also download sample chapters of the book for free here!

We’ll be tweeting on #LeanEnterprise and posting more thoughts as we go.

Hopefully see you along the way!

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