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We work with the world’s best and brightest, helping these leading organizations (and their leaders) reshape their businesses to discover new potential and growth. Our expertise in organizational development helps us help you become the purposeful, technology-led business you want to be – with the tools and knowledge necessary to innovate at scale.   Our consulting services range from talks and workshops through to developing organization-wide strategic innovation programs – and everything between.


“If you want cookie-cutter solutions, you know where to find them. You definitely won’t find them with us. Our approach is about applying deliberate and disciplined experimentation to the complexities you face.The rate of change we’re experiencing today won’t be slowing any time soon. We can build your capability to continuously adapt, to accelerate innovation in your unique environment, and to tackle the specific pressures affecting your business, leadership and methods to win.” — Barry O’Reilly

Our Customers

Led by Barry O’Reilly, an international leader and pioneer who operates at the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation.   Barry’s unique, tailored and counterintuitive approach has been embraced by companies who don’t wish to fear the future, but invent it.   Discover more with our client case studies.

Our Services

“When we work with you, we work with you specifically. We won’t attempt to apply a set of preconceived, one-size-fits-most solutions. Our solutions are customized and emergent, informed by your real-world challenges, circumstances and context.” — Barry O’Reilly


Antennae Consulting, led by Barry O’Reilly, will work with you to create specific, real-world solutions for your specific, real-world challenges. Our services are highly tailored towards achieving your vision and purpose.   With us, you can expect to:

Challenge yourself

Test long-held assumptions, get comfortable with discomfort and ignite the true innovator within.

Discover and explore cutting-edge tools and techniques

Learn how to technology to work in reinvigorating your business strategy and innovation methodologies.

Experiment and innovate freely and often

Create a lasting capability within your organization to rapidly adapt and evolve to your ever-changing environment.

Grow exponentially, inside and out

Create smarter, faster systems. Enhance your leadership style and your company’s capacity for innovation.

Barry O'Reilly

Innovation Strategy

We’ll work with you to create clearly articulated objectives, and to identify success measures for your innovation strategy. We can help you create a robust system to evolve your strategy and actions – based on rapidly learning what works and what doesn’t. We can also help you drive better alignment, engagement and commitment from innovation leadership and teams. With us, you can safely explore the uncertainties and validate potential approaches for making better investment and business decisions.

Barry O'Reilly

Leadership Coaching

We work with leaders who want to challenge themselves to explore the possibilities beyond their current mindsets. The world is changing fast, and if you’re not changing with it, you could easily be left behind. We consult with leaders on improving their decision-making and productivity in ways that maximize their value. We can help you explore and test new behaviors, techniques and tools for solving complex and uncertain problems at scale. Our approach is always tailored to your specific environment, and is aligned to your desires outcomes and aspirations. We also offer customized and ongoing coaching and mentoring to help you achieve true personal and business growth and impact.

Barry O'Reilly


An assessment can help clarify or refine your strategic direction. Our assessment services range from reviewing the current conditions of an organization’s performance to identifying opportunities for improvement. We’ll define the target condition your business requires to optimize innovation and growth and set clear starting points to act, measure and make progress quickly. We’ll also show you how to ensure your approach will gain traction and momentum as you lead your organization into its next generation of innovation.

Barry O'Reilly


Reframe your thinking or kick off a change program with an insightful presentation from one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation and leadership. Barry O’Reilly’s vision is aspirational, and he backs this vision with actionable insights on how to innovate for the future. Barry will take you through real world case-studies and lessons learned through working with leading global organization and leadership teams. His diverse and international knowledge encompasses a wide range of industries and operational environments.

Barry O'Reilly


Benefit from Barry’s exceptional knowledge of management and leadership innovation in a hands-on setting. As well as taking you through real world case-studies and lessons learned through working with leading global organization and leadership teams, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Barry’s concepts and methodologies in a workshop setting.

"We create highly curated experiences that drive exponential growth. Success for us is seeing you exceed your expectations, and succeed.” — Barry O’Reilly

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