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How American Airlines is Transforming Its Culture by Transforming Delivery

How does a major airline stuck with languishing technology projects suddenly start making rapid improvements in product delivery, customer satisfaction,...
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Precision Product Creation: Generating The Right Offer At The Right Time By Creating Your Information Portfolio

For decades, a frustration has been growing among executives, entrepreneurs, and teams who wish to make better decisions and create...
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Keep Learning Forward with Amy Farrow

“Amy Farrow [is] a seasoned executive who lives at the center of customer-focused product and technology innovation,” Barry O’Reilly says....
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The Metrics Of Digital Transformation: Small Steps to Outcome-Based Innovation

I get at least one email every week from a frustrated product or technology leader with a sad tale of...
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Innovation Freeze: Why Major Companies Are Losing Their Markets and Talent

Despite the unprecedented changes in our economy and workplaces in the past year, innovation is actually down in most industries....
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Bold Product Decisions with Quincy Carroll

Quincy Caroll has a passion for delighting users, fans, and communities through world-class mobile, web, and computer applications and services....
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I've written two international bestsellers

Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results, and co-authored Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale

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Helping Others Win with Steven Leist

Steven Leist is the Vice President for Customer Technology at American Airlines, the world’s largest airline. He is a technology...
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The Obstacles to Unlearning

In my experience working all around the world with executives and teams—from disruptive startups to the Fortune 500—I’ve seen firsthand...
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Building for Tomorrow with Sara Wood

Sara Wood is the CEO of Kaluza. She is a product leader, non-executive board member and a “builder at heart”...
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Putting People Back Into Performance Management

The way most companies approach performance management is completely broken. Everybody knows it, yet there aren’t many companies or managers...
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People-Centric, High Performance Culture with Rick Weil

Barry O’Reilly welcomes Rick Weil onto this week’s show. Rick Weil is a Head of Global Product and Analytics at...
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Product Management For Large Scale Innovation with Secil Tabli Watson

Barry O’Reilly is pleased to welcome Secil Tabli Watson, Executive Vice President for Digital Solutions for Business at Wells Fargo....
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