What was your biggest personal transformation? More importantly, who helped you achieve it? Read this blog and episode of the Unlearn Podcast for top leadership transformation mindset advice from a world-class leadership coach.

Sabrina Braham is an executive coach, mastermind group leader, author, and leadership and career development expert with almost three decades of experience, but she nearly walked away from that journey before it ever began. What kept her going? A teacher who was more like a coach. He encouraged and believed in her, which helped her completely transform what she thought about herself and her future. And now, Sabrina does that for others.

There’s a reason that 97% of all CEOs in the United States have coaches for leadership transformation mindset advice. Asking for feedback is a powerful tool for personal growth and development. Embracing the discomfort of asking questions can lead to valuable insights, accelerated learning, and improved decision-making.

Embracing Growth Mindset and Overcoming Self-Doubt

We all have moments that transform us. For Sabrina, it was when her psychology teacher refused to let her quit and had her enroll in the most difficult classes. “He totally believed in me,” she reflects. This experience sparked a shift from self-doubt to a growth mindset, and the encouragement helped her see and embrace her full potential. Often, a big part of transformation is identifying the self-imposed limitations we have created, and Sabrina’s journey from uncertainty to academic excellence is an inspiring example of how a single act of faith from another can catalyze our growth and help us transcend our perceived barriers. [Listen from: 03:14]



Leadership Transformation Mindset Advice: The Power of Asking for Feedback

Many of us live in a precarious balancing act every day: personal turmoil, parenthood, entrepreneurship, partnership. Sometimes we need the voice of clarity to help us make sense of it all. But first, we need to ask that voice to speak. Asking for feedback is not a sign of weakness, but a brave step towards self-betterment, and it’s not about uncovering flaws alone. It’s all about acknowledging and harnessing our inherent strengths. When we embrace vulnerability, we can actively seek out the insights that will propel us forward. [Listen from: 08:45]

Building Relationships and Political Savvy

Workplace dynamics are an intricate dance, and it’s critical to nurture relationships and develop political acumen. Sabrina challenges the notion that career advancements are merely the result of nepotism, suggesting that the key lies in “deepening your relationships with people.” The subtleties of professional success include both genuine connection and strategic navigation of organizational landscapes, which lead to recognition and advancement. In other words, how we interact with others will significantly influence our career trajectory. [Listen from: 13:01]

The Role of Mastermind Groups in Accelerating Growth

Sabrina is passionate about leading executive mastermind groups, describing them as a collective committed to mutual growth, where “everybody in the group helping the person that’s talking.” These groups act as a powerful catalyst for personal and professional development, offering a space where shared experiences and diverse viewpoints can lead to unexpected insights and breakthroughs. A well run mastermind group is the ideal community for leadership transformation mindset advice. They become your own personal “board of directors”. Mastermind groups harness collaborative intelligence, allowing each member to contribute to and benefit from the collective wisdom. It’s a testament to the idea that by coming together, we can amplify our learning and accelerate our journey towards our goals. [Listen from: 29:01]

The Impact of Kindness and Connection

Never underestimate the transformational power of kindness. As the episode concludes, “Just be kind to people,” Sabrina advises, advocating for a simple yet profound approach to our interactions is some of her best leadership transformation mindset advice. This final thought is a poignant reminder that amidst our personal and professional endeavors, the act of extending kindness has the potential to be the most impactful. Kindness can be a catalyst for positive change in ourselves and the world around us. [Listen from: 39:37]