Work together

Let's make your business better, smarter, faster - together.

Improve your leadership

Find your edge and unlock the vision, clarity and confidence to get the best from yourself and others.

Shape your strategy

Create clarity on your direction and give new energy to the organization.

Create stronger products, faster

Equip teams to deliver the right products at the right time.

Build better ways of working

Establish the systems, mindsets and behaviours to adapt and innovate at scale.

Client stories

Faster and more insight-led business innovation
A more connected and resilient technology leadership community
A re-energised, faster-moving company seeing double-digit growth from mobile
Product development
A more experimental approach to innovation through new incentive structures and leadership roles
A new approach to change in our leaders of tomorrow
Ways of working
A bolder, more strategic leadership approach to product innovation

How does it feel to work with me?

What to expect

Let’s start with what not to expect. You won’t get a cookie-cutter change program from me. I won’t leave you with fancy slide decks full of consultancy speak and yet more frameworks that change nothing on the ground. I won’t parachute in and create a buzz that vanishes as soon as I’m out the door.

A fresh approach

I’ll ask hard questions and really listen. I’ll work with you to find and remove the things blocking change in your organization. With real clarity on the toughest problems – what they are and why they exist – I’ll find and deliver the right ingredients for change. This balance between thinking big and starting small is the key to unlocking new ways of working that make a difference. And ones that will last, because people at all levels can see that difference for themselves.

Signs we’ll be a good fit

  1. You’ve tried everything you can think of and are getting no traction.

  2. You’re ready to try something new and different.

  3. You want to create lasting change at the heart of how your business works.

  4. You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone.

  5. You’re prepared to tackle the really knotty problems you know are blocking progress.

  6. You’re willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

  7. You want a partner who will work closely with you and teams at all levels to activate new ways of thinking and working.

Curious about working with me?


I set time aside every other Tuesday for informal, no-strings conversations with like-minded people. There’s no need to prepare anything or email me beforehand (unless you want to). Just be ready to talk candidly about what you’re looking for, and why.