The software delivery problem has evolved, now it’s about leveraging the insights that our customers are giving us to build truly innovative products and services that challenge both our own assumptions about what we should be doing next and our customers.

In this talk with John Crosby, Chief Product and Technology Officer for Travelocity International and and I share the story of how we implemented lean practices and principles within to create a new mobile web platform that doubled customer conversion compare of the existing site.

Key takeaways

  • how to articulate clear product and technical vision to engage everyone across the organization
  • how to communicate clear team goals through product scorecards based on real business outcomes, not efficiency or velocity
  • how to define the problem you want to solve, then create hypotheses to test the solution in order to validate or invalidate assumptions you are making about your product/market fit
  • how to reduced cycle time from concept to the customer through Continuous Design & Delivery
  • how to get out of the building and talk to your customers to understand their problems using innovative approaches to user testing and sourcing customer feedback

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