I was invited by Google to share my experiences working with Fortune 500 CEOs, senior executives at internationally recognized organizations, start-up and scale-ups from around the globe who have taken part in ExeCamp.

At ExecCamp business leaders step away from their existing role – in some instance for up to 8 weeks — with the mission of launching new businesses to disrupt their existing one, and themselves.

ExecCamp is an immersive, multi-week program that inspires leaders to reinvent themselves – and their companies – as true innovators.

ExecCamp challenges leaders on every level, pushing them bypass their hard-wired instincts and beliefs to question everything as they rebuild themself, and transform their organization’s expectations and operations.

The purpose of ExecCamp is to provide executives with a deep hands-on experience in which they can develop new skills and capabilities to transform.

By embracing Lean Enterprise principles, to Unlearn and relearning business leaders are thinking and behaving in ways that will inspire – taking risks, testing and shifting mindset in radical ways.