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Leadership With Stephen Franchetti CIO at Slack

“With technology leaders suddenly having to steer their businesses through the uncertainties and distributed working brought about by the global pandemic, we set out to connect CIOs to support one another to learn, unlearn and relearn our way through together.”

Stephen Franchetti CIO at Slack

Main challenges

  • 2020 brought about the largest remote work experiment the world had ever seen – as the remote working platform, Slack wanted to provide guidance and leadership to people at the forefront of this change.

  • Technology leaders were facing a unique set of challenges: how to smooth the sudden transition to remote working, how to maintain a sense of community in a distributed workforce, and how to help their businesses emerge stronger from 2020.

  • Technology leadership had never been more critical, with CIOs and CTOs needing to quickly learn how to lead remote-first companies – and no one had all the answers.

How we worked together

  • We created a partnership – Slack as the collaboration platform and me as a remote-first leadership consultant – to help leaders unlearn and relearn to transform their businesses.

  • Through a series of webinars, we coached leaders on pivoting to a remote working world, on adapting their product portfolio to changing circumstances (during the pandemic and beyond), and on creating a more strategic role for IT in businesses.

  • Between the webinars, more than 100 leaders continued the conversations in shared Slack channels.

  • We held monthly Ask Me Anything sessions with CIO/CTOs to share stories and learnings.

  • We created smaller working groups to focus on top challenges executives were facing.

  • We circulated experience reports to share stories of how companies are adapting and learn our way through together.

“We’ve seen so many acts of kindness and camaraderie from the leaders of some of the biggest businesses in the world. This has connected companies and leaders in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and certainly achieved more than any one person could have alone.”

Nicole Herbstein, Change Enablement Lead, Business Technology at Slack

The difference this made

  • We now have a connected group of modern CIOs and CTOs who are becoming better technology and business leaders together – inspiring and learning from each other.

  • Leaders feel more connected to one another, knowing they can reach out for help and support when they are struggling.

  • People want to share their mistakes to help others avoid those pitfalls thus building a better future of work for everyone involved.

The key to our success

Embracing uncertainty: no one had all the answers to the challenges created by the pandemic. Coming together to lean into the situation – and to share what we had learned through taking small steps in our businesses – helped all of us get much further much faster.

“Creating a global community of business and technology leaders has been one of the most rewarding achievements during a uniquely challenging moment in business transformation.”
Stephen Franchetti
CIO at Slack

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