Would you be willing to take on mission critical, make or break projects as your career? How would you handle the challenges that arise from situations like bankruptcies and mergers while managing the extreme pressure that comes from such high stakes?

Daniel Henry doesn’t just take on high stakes projects as they arise. He actively seeks them out. Daniel’s fascinating career has spanned EDS, American Airlines, and most recently, CIO at McDonald’s. He has gained invaluable insight in building teams, developing leadership, and taking on hard things to help you grow. And one of the best insights he offers is how to make big problems small.

Embracing Simplicity in Problem-Solving at Large Companies

In the realm of large corporations, the ability to simplify complex problems is a crucial skill. Daniel emphasizes the significance of breaking down overwhelming challenges into smaller, more manageable tasks, so that teams can navigate the complexities of technology and business transformation. His advice to “make the problems really small” serves as a valuable strategy for initiating progress and innovation within large organizations. [Listen from: 00:52]



The Importance of Working on Mission-Critical Projects

Engaging with mission-critical projects can be a defining factor in one’s career growth and development. Daniel reflects tackling projects that have the potential to make or break a company, which helped him resilience and leadership skills. His advice to focus on the most critical tasks resonates with the idea of continuous learning and self-improvement. [Listen from: 02:13]

Building and Leading High-Performance Teams

High-performance teams are a cornerstone of success in any organization. Daniel highlights the importance of aligning team members with a clear purpose to drive collaboration and goal achievement, and the type of leadership that will get them there. When you embrace the critical role of purpose-driven leadership and foster a shared understanding of objectives and strategies, you’re able to develop strong, innovative teams within any organization. [Listen from: 06:33]

The Role of Storytelling in Attracting Top Talent

Storytelling plays a pivotal role in attracting top talent to organizations, especially in the technology sector. A powerful narrative that includes the journey of technological transformation and the challenges that were overcome, companies can more easily attract top talent who are seeking meaningful and impactful work. Daniel also underscores the importance of transparency in the narrative and the workplace culture it builds. [Listen from: 08:11]

Scaling Technology Innovations Globally

Daniel discusses the importance of starting small and learning fast when expanding technology solutions across global, diverse markets. Sweeping changes, especially with technology, require a strategic and iterative approach. Daniel’s approach begins with running ‘experiments’ in smaller regions, analyzing the data, and basing the wider implementation on those data-driven insights to ensure smoother transitions for companies and their customers. [Listen from: 23:15]