At Nobody Studios, we’re reimagining how to build businesses and make new avenues available for people to contribute to venture company creation. That reimagining involves developing unique processes of ideating, creating, and launching new products.

These days, most people in product design and development understand the basic approach to innovation: idea –> prototype –> launch –> test –> iterate and scale. We use that same approach, but we add a key ingredient to each step of the equation: the power of the crowd.

See, every business idea has to do with people. Yet most ideas never reach a wide audience, and of those that do, many reach the wrong people in the wrong form at the wrong time.

We believe the future of business creation centers on involving that wide audience—the crowd— from the outset, and at every stage of development. So we’re growing a fantastic, large-scale community of Nobodies: innovators, investors, and collaborators working together to build impactful companies.

This crowd is our “unfair advantage” to let us move on ideas faster and cheaper than anyone else. But faster and cheaper isn’t the point. Our true purpose is to create new markets and drive better and more meaningful outcomes—at a scale never before attempted.

Why “Crowd-Infused”?

Our crazy mission at Nobody Studios is to build 100 impactful companies in five years. To accomplish that, we may need to test 10,000 ideas or more—no individual or single team could reach that volume alone.

But a community of tens or hundreds of thousands of passionate Nobodies working together can! Gathering and embracing this crowd gives us unlimited power to rapidly find, sort, test, and scale business ideas.

Involving the crowd also aligns our work with our belief in “access for all.” We’re committed to providing opportunities for anyone to get involved in highly innovative, early-stage companies—something that’s been out of reach for most people before now.

crowd-infused innovation

And we’re making those opportunities as accessible and beneficial as possible by de-risking every aspect of venture company creation:

  • business ideas (by co-creating and testing with our crowd before major investing)
  • the entrepreneurial journey (by creating a flexible ecosystem for talent collaboration and contribution)
  • wealth creation (by offering equity at the portfolio level, thus diversifying your investment across numerous companies)

As our website states, “At Nobody Studios, we believe the culture and economics of business creation need an overhaul, and we’re building the mechanism to do it.”

How Does Crowd-infused Innovation Work?

Our philosophy is to involve the crowd at every phase of development and growth. It’s NOT about just doing whatever the crowd wants, but it is about inclusion and interaction with people to power our work at the scale and speed we need.

We involve the crowd to:

    • surface ideas
    • discuss and debate them
    • test and validate them
    • and turn up the volume as we bring them to market as new companies.

And you can be part of the process.

We’re looking for contributions in several forms: talent, influence, and capital. The more people get involved, the more of these critical elements we have to fuel our work and make an impact. Let’s look at each.

Power of the Crowd for Talent

We bring together amazing people from around the world who don’t normally get a shot to contribute and make an impact in innovative venture startups.

As ideas develop, we look to the crowd to help bring them to life as part of our teams, or even as co-founders.

We need a lot of great talent to help build 100 companies. And as a globally distributed community, we make those opportunities available to people everywhere with skills and passion to contribute.

Core to our ethos is working together, not in competition. We’re creating a positive and enjoyable work environment while avoiding waste and redundancy. We create the best of each idea, not multiple, competing solutions. We’re all Nobodies.

Currently, we’re seeking product, design, and technology leaders to contribute their talents to bring our ideas to life. If you’re excited by our mission and this sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work, we want to hear from you!

Power of the Crowd for Influence

You can influence the ideas we work on by joining in our conversations, debates, and voting processes. And you can contribute your influence by sharing your excitement about the companies we’re building with your network.

There are two sides to influence in our crowd-infused innovation approach. First is influencing the development of our business ideas.

We’re giving everyone the chance to participate at this level—creating spaces for lively discussion, comment threads exploding with excitement, debates, and idea jams. And it all leads to real businesses being built in the most impactful and rewarding ways.

The other part of influence is spreading the word about the Nobody Studios movement and our companies.

Most people think influence is only for “influencers” with millions of followers. But the truth is the people with the most influence are those we’re personally connected to. It’s you, sharing with the people in your community who trust you.

If we have 10,000 people sharing with 10 people each, that’s 100,000 people that now know about an amazing company we’re building.

As a Nobody, you can help turn up the noise on impactful companies you care about, have helped bring to life, and want to see succeed. It’s about bringing businesses and solutions you love to communities you care about—so it makes sense to share the message early and often.

Power of the Crowd for Capital

We’re making it possible for people to literally become part owners in all our companies, creating access for all through equity crowdfunding—and be venture investors.

We’re proud to be the first crowdfunded venture studio. Once our campaign launches, anyone will have the opportunity to invest—and have that investment spread across our portfolio.

Putting your hard-earned money into this movement is a powerful way to help bring great ideas to life. And of course, you’ll see upside in every successful company we create.

We often get asked why we’re using crowdfunding. If our concept is so great, surely we can just get all the funding we need from venture investors, right? And the answer is yes, we can, and we have gratefully received the backing of numerous, high-caliber angel investors.

But crowdfunding is core to our strategy and our philosophy. We want to give access to everyone, and we want thousands of Nobodies invested in our mission, walking with us on the journey as co-owner and co-creators.

Are You Ready To Contribute To Crowd-Infused Innovation?

So what about you? Do you have skills in product, design, marketing, or technology? Have you always wanted a shot at helping to grow innovative and meaningful companies in a positive working environment?

If Nobody Studios sounds like something you’d like to get behind and add your talents, click here and let us know!