To evolve businesses, leverage technology and exceed customer expectations organizations need more than a leap of faith. They need to design for it. In this talk I share how I combine design thinking, hypothesis-driven development along with lean and agile practices and principles to help organizations design their business for continuous evolution.

Design is routinely used in methods such as hypothesis testing, customer journey mapping and enquiry to uncover and resolve complex challenges. But many fail to realize how those skills and capabilities can be leveraged beyond product development alone.

Classically designers use methods like experience mapping and user screen flows to solve complex challenges but all the principles and methods are just as relevant when designing processes, discovering how to align teams of people and create performance managements systems.

The problem is that the majority of ‘designers’ are taught in a product context and fail to realize that they can actually have very valuable input, insights and skills to apply these methodologies when designing the systems of work that run and operating the entire organization.

Through case studies and examples from the organizations I work with I showcase the value of design and designers. These organizations understand that design isn’t just about user interfaces and pixels — it influences everything. I share concrete tools and techniques that drive culture change and business performance, and challenge teams to rethink the role they can play in creating high performance organizations.