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Selling Confidence with Ryan Serhant

Barry O’Reilly is excited to welcome this week’s guest, Ryan Serhant, to the Unlearn Podcast. Ryan is founder & CEO...
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7 Lessons Learned From Investing In Innovation

It seems a week doesn’t go by without another innovative investment option to get involved with. We’ve got the explosion...
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The Innovation Stack with Jim McKelvey

Barry O’Reilly’s guest is Jim McKelvey, who has been everything from a glassblowing artist, to a founder of a multibillion-dollar...
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Winks From the Universe with Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu is on a mission to spark quantum change towards a better future faster. Hailed as the Green Goddess...
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Chaos Engineering And Disciplined Experimenting with Casey Rosenthal

Casey Rosenthal is the co-founder and CEO of Verica and the former Engineering Manager of the Chaos Engineering team at...
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Moving at the Speed of Trust

At Nobody Studios, our mission is to build 100 impactful companies in five years—an audacious goal, but one that forces...
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I've written two international bestsellers

Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results, and co-authored Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale

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Decentralizing Data: From Data Monolith to Data Mesh with Zhamak Dehghani

Barry O’Reilly and this week’s guest, Zhamak Dehghani met 10 years ago when they worked together at ThoughtWorks. Zhamak is...
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Leading an Engineering Culture Transformation with Chris Goddard

On reading Lean Enterprise, this week’s guest, Chris Goddard, reached out to Barry O’Reilly several years ago to help implement...
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Precision Product Creation: Generating The Right Offer At The Right Time By Creating Your Information Portfolio

For decades, a frustration has been growing among executives, entrepreneurs, and teams who wish to make better decisions and create...
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The Metrics Of Digital Transformation: Small Steps to Outcome-Based Innovation

I get at least one email every week from a frustrated product or technology leader with a sad tale of...
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Innovation Freeze: Why Major Companies Are Losing Their Markets and Talent

Despite the unprecedented changes in our economy and workplaces in the past year, innovation is actually down in most industries....
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Making Quality Decisions with Diana Kander

Diana Kander is a New York Times Bestselling Author, an entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. Barry O’Reilly likes to reference her...
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