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Descaling Innovation: Why Scaling Innovation Starts Small By Descaling Work

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Pouring millions into Agile transformations, SAFe certifications and Spotify models based on shallow stories is a sad state to define as success—and certainly a much bigger risk to bet the future of your business on. Yet this is the situation the majority of organizations find themselves in—especially those seeking to scale agility.

I must get an email a week from people inside companies stuck with McKinsey & Company, Scaled Agile Framework and other big consultancies asking if their recommended strategies ‘make sense to me?’ I feel sorry for these folks. They want to work in different ways, with truly innovative partners but their leadership won’t let them, saying it’s too risky or the person too much of an unknown (to them).

There was such a huge response to my post from people dissatisfied with what they are been told, sold and under delivered that I decided to write up my own case study—based on my own experiences working with real global organizations and bold leaders—on why scaling innovation starts by descaling work.

Key Takeaways

This article is my top insights on how and why starting small is the best way to realize BIG initiatives and make a BIG impact. The article highlights;

  • Why the traditional strategies to scale innovation fail to deliver, cost companies millions, and cause them to fall further behind market leaders
  • How a stronger strategy is to start smaller, deliver sooner and safer before scaling up investments as you see real signals of success
  • The 7 mistakes companies make on large scale innovation efforts, plus how to avoid them and systemize innovation throughout your entire organization
  • Deep dives into four case studies from the finance, airline, government, and SasS industries
  • How my 1% system saved money, scaled innovation and delivered business results 400% above expectations in highly regulated, complex operating environments.