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Precision Product Creation: Generating The Right Offer At The Right Time By Creating Your Information Portfolio

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For decades, a frustration has been growing among executives, entrepreneurs, and teams who wish to make better decisions and create breakthrough innovations. They all struggle with how to produce the right product at the right moment—the mythical point of convergence between customer need, technology trends, and internal capabilities.

Most companies continue to rely on outdated models, measures, and methods of portfolio management, causing them to waste money, miss opportunities, and lose market share. But a new realm of possibility is emerging.

The key to limitless success in business is the ability to bring forward the right product at the right time for the right people—perfect information and perfect action. This capability is now more accessible, granular, real-time, and insightful than ever, through data management and artificial intelligence.

In this article, we’ll show how product development is less about developing products and more about developing knowledge about the product.

We’ll demonstrate why companies should shift their focus from product portfolios to an information portfolio and how to stop wondering what you should do with the data you have, and start deciding what data you need and figure out how to get it.


  • Why companies must shift their focus away from product portfolios to an information portfolio
  • How the prevailing approach to portfolio management is outdated and inhibits breakthrough innovation
  • How to recognize when your internal capabilities, industry trends, and customer needs align for best results
  • 5 case studies from connected companies leveraging information portfolios as a competitive advantage to drive for future growth
  • What steps you must take to start building your information portfolio and data collection capabilities