Have you ever had the feeling that it was time for a change? A sense it was time to step outside your comfort zone, find, even extend the edges of yourself, your thinking or what you’re doing to grow?

Sometimes that voice can be a nagging feeling, other times it can be liberating. But knowing you know it’s time for a new challenge, a new direction, a path less traveled is a signal. It’s our internal feedback mechanism telling us that we need to let go, reframe and move away from the past to succeed in the future.

That was me at the end of 2015. I knew I needed to take some bold steps to figure out what I wanted to be next. It was daunting. It would be difficult. Yet I knew I needed to do it.

Starting a business is never what you expect it to be. Many of my assumptions were invalidated within the first few weeks. I was disappointed, vulnerable and unsure if I’d made the right choice.


Look backwards. Live forwards

The first year was as much about personal growth as professional growth. I held my end of year retrospective in Ryōan-ji, Kyoto’s famous zen temple. It would become annual practice—now a personal board of directors meeting—to reflect on what I’ve learned, to adapt and improve for the next cycle.

I didn’t know how long this adventure would last, but getting to five years feels important. It prompted me to really look at what this journey has been about, who it’s been with and what got done along the way to help shape where I want to go for the future.

I was inspired by the people I’ve worked with. I spoke with many of them to hear what had helped or held them back. What was it like to work together? What stood out or could be better? What I heard was sometimes rewarding, other times it wounded me but it was always real. I was grateful for the candor.

Armed with all this input I decided it was time to evolve my outputs, to hopefully achieve the outcomes I’m aiming for ahead. I’ve tried to capture all these insights in new artifacts and what I present as what I stand for in the world.

What Do I Stand For?

I’m excited to share that encapsulation in a new brand with you. From examples like my core principles below to drive my life and work, to my new website, content and client stories.


I’m incredibly energized to explore what the next five years of this business might be and look forward to sharing more of my stories, lessons, and experiences with you along the way.

Do let me know what you think of what you see. What principle resonates with you? Maybe the signs we’ll be a good fit working together? Whatever it is I hope you can see some of me and some of you in what has been created.

I’m truly honored to have you in my closet community. Thank you for all your support, encouragement, questions, and accountability.

I’m trying my best to get better. I’m looking forward to doing that with you, together.