In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, there’s one skill that stands head and shoulders above the rest – the raw power of getting sh*t done.

That relentless determination to roll up your sleeves and make it happen. Yet too often, it seems to be missing.

Attitude Sparks Change

We’ve all encountered those individuals who excel at eloquently dissecting problems, pointing out what went wrong, and indulging in sophisticated explanations as to why a situation can’t be fixed.

While that’s all well and good—and believe me I made a successful living from advising startups and enterprises on issues they face and should be addressed—what truly sets people apart from the rest is the unshakable attitude that screams, “I’ve got this!”

I’ve learned first hand, both in consulting and my latest venture Nobody Studios, that no matter the magnitude of a task, what really counts is finding someone who steps up and says, “Let me take care of that.”

People often ask me, “How can I stand out?” or “Why don’t people recognize my work?” The strategy to address that question is simple, yet not what most people think.

When you’re the one who can handle anything that’s thrown your way, you become the linchpin of any organization.

I remember when I first joined ThoughtWorks, we had no managers in the company. There was an executive team with typically functional roles but that was it. A leadership team and consultant contributors. No hierarchy. No organization chart. Just a group of high performing people. It wasn’t even organized chaos management—it was chaos chaos management by design.

People would come into the company from previous contexts and feel lost. Who do I report to? Who do I need to impress for my performance review, to get promoted? Who’s my boss? The stakeholder I need to impress?

The answer took me a while to figure out but it would be the first lesson I shared with all new joiners once it clicked for me. When there’s problems to be solved, put your hand up and own it. Get it done. Make progress, and make it happen. That’s it.

Imagine being the person who doesn’t shy away from challenges, but embraces them with open arms. The one who shows their capabilities and attitude with excellence on difficult tasks. That’s the kind of attitude that turns heads and makes leaders take notice.

Solving hard problems means your impact becomes undeniable, and your journey toward success is inevitable by your unyielding drive.

People will always notice someone, who can get something done.


Mastering Doing vs. Being

Another nugget of wisdom that reshaped my entire career trajectory was a gift a mentor of mine was kind enough to share with me during what I consider to be “my moment” to step up, lead and take charge of the company I was working for at the time.

I was frustrated that I wasn’t recognized with senior roles, level promotions or greater responsibilities. I wasn’t hitting the goal of what I wanted to be.

My mentor emphasized the importance of focusing on what I want to do rather than getting bogged down by what I want to be. It was an eye-opening shift that made all the difference—and prompted me to unlearn.

They said, “Instead of fixating on becoming a ‘Chief Product Officer by 35’ or hitting a specific income milestone by a certain age, redirect your effort to what you love to do, and energizes you”.

I’ve found when people focus on what they really enjoy doing, they are the ones that figure out the harder aspects of such disciplines to succeed.

What helps give me clarity was asking myself these questions;

  • What part of my work brings me the most joy? (hat tip to Marie Kondo).
  • What part of my work doesn’t feel like work at all?
  • What do I have an unending desire to learn about?

For me, it was building products. Figuring out new ideas, building innovative technology products that solve interesting customer problems and turning them into companies. Thus the boldest bet of my life.

Whether it’s diving deep into computer science, unraveling the mysteries of a disease, or anything that truly ignites your curiosity – the pursuit of excellence in that discipline is where the magic happens.

When you’re truly absorbed by your craft, when your hunger for knowledge and mastery becomes insatiable, that’s when the transformation occurs.

It’s in the process of becoming excellent at what you do that success finds you, not seeking the external validation of a job title, organizational position or pay grade.

Just consider all the great innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs you know from Jeff Bezos in customer service to Oprah Winfrey in the power of telling people’s stories, whose fascination with their fields led them to shape many industries as we know it.

Even those unsung heroes who never sought the spotlight but made extraordinary contributions to the teams you’ve been part of because they were captivated by their work.

They didn’t try to be, they did what they loved to do.

Elevate Your Impact: From Intent to Execution

You know, it’s one thing to dream, but it’s an entirely different realm to make those dreams a reality.

The world is brimming with ideas, but what truly propels us forward is action.

So, here’s your call to arms: Embrace the power of getting sh*t done. Don’t just strive to be the smartest person in the room; be the one who turns ideas into tangible results.

Demonstrate that you’re not just nailing tasks, you’re dominating them. And watch as the ripple effect of your productivity and impact sweeps through your professional and personal life.

Find what you love to do, and worry less about what you want to be.

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, it’s not about what you want to be; it’s about what you’re passionate about doing.

So, immerse yourself in your craft, refine your skills, and let your unyielding pursuit of excellence guide you toward your goals. Dive headfirst into your interests, cultivate your skills, and let your relentless pursuit of excellence become your guiding star.

Remember, it’s the relentless doers, the action-driven entrepreneurs, who mold the business landscape.

Rise to the challenge, infuse your endeavors with unshakable determination, and mastering the art of getting sh*t done propel you to new heights!