I’m delighted to announce my new book, Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results, is out. My inspiration to write Unlearn came from what I frequently find to be a significant inhibitor when helping high-performance individuals get better—not the ability to learn new things but the inability to unlearn mindsets, behaviors, and methods that were once effective but now limit their success.

Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results

Unlearn is a transformative system that shows leaders how to rethink their strategies, retool their capabilities, and revitalize their businesses for stronger, longer-lasting success.

There’s a learning curve to running any successful business. But once you begin to rely on past achievements or get stuck in outdated thinking and practices that no longer work, you need to take a step back—and unlearn. This innovative and actionable framework from executive coach Barry O’Reilly shows you how to break the cycle of learned behaviors that were effective in the past but are no longer relevant, and that limit or even stand in the way of your success.

With this simple but remarkably powerful three-step system, leaders can:

  1. Unlearn the behaviors and mindsets that keep them and their businesses from moving forward.
  2. Relearn new skills, strategies, and innovations that are transforming the world every day.
  3. Break through old habits and thinking by opening up to new ideas and perspectives while achieving extraordinary results.

Packed with relatable anecdotes and real-world examples, this unique resource walks you through every step of the unlearning process. You’ll discover new ways of thinking and leading in every industry.

You’ll identify what you need to unlearn, what to stop, what to keep, and what to change. By intentionally and routinely applying the system of unlearning, you’ll be able to adapt your mindset, adopt new behaviors, acquire new skills, and explore new options that will totally transform your performance and the business you lead.

This book will help you let go of the past, and encourage your teams and organization to do the same. When you think big but start small, choose courage over comfort, and become curious to tackle uncertainty, you can achieve new levels of success you never dreamed possible.

Good leaders know they need to continuously learn. But great leaders know when to unlearn the past to succeed in the future.

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