Welcome to the Unlearn Podcast’s second Ask Me Anything, something that is fast becoming an annual tradition. This episode is a kind of retrospective, a chance to not only answer questions from listeners all over the world but a chance to reflect on the year that has happened – the challenges as well as the opportunities.

Here’s to 2021 – and now, 10 answers to 10 questions.

  •       What has been the most important characteristic that has helped you lead through COVID? [Listen at 3:30]
  •       As a leader, what advice would you give your younger self for managing such an accelerated period of change? [Listen at 4:10]
  •       What was the biggest shift for you personally in your approach to leadership this year? [Listen at 6:50]
  •       What are the key traits and habits that leaders need to adopt to lead in this new world of work? [Listen at 9:00]


  •       You often talk about collaboration fit — can you elaborate on it? [Listen at 10:50]
  •       What’s been your most interesting video conference experience in 2020? [Listen at 15:15]
  •       What are your principles of work? [Listen at 16:50]
  •       What one change have you made to help you for 2021 and beyond? [Listen at 25:50]
  •       What’s the most interesting research you’ve discovered this year? [Listen at 27:30]
  •       What’s your favorite book you read this year? [Listen at 30:50]

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