Peggy Liu is on a mission to spark quantum change towards a better future faster. Hailed as the Green Goddess by the Chinese media, Peggy has been bringing people together from around the world to change the world for the better. She is the Chairperson of JUCCCE, the Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, as well as the bestselling author of Mesmerize the Media: Maximize Your Impact with More Press. She joins Barry O’Reilly on this week’s podcast to talk about building momentum for your change movement and how to recognize when the universe is winking at you.

From Head to Heart

“The power of the intellect,” Peggy tells Barry, “is not matched at all by the magnetism of the heart.” This was an important lesson she had to learn in her own life, so everything she does now is based on tapping into emotional energy. Quantum change – societal change that’s the end goal of tornado leadership – starts with mastering emotional energy of movements, and of yourself, she argues. When you build the energetic architecture of a tornado behind the change you want to see, you bring people along with you to a better future faster. [Listen from 3:00]



Perception Creates Reality

The books that inspired her from a young age and the influence of her grandfather, are just two of the “winks from the universe” that told Peggy what path she was meant to take. “…It begins with the perception of yourself and reality,” she remarks. “Perception is what creates reality.” You create the future by visioning that you’re already there. The emotion of euphoria of already achieving that future is what magnetizes people subconsciously. Barry comments on the value of meditation as part of your morning routine. People who are good at leading change usually practice spending time with their thoughts, he says. Peggy shares an example of how practicing meditation helped her craft a speech for the Harvard Model UN. You have to open yourself up to transformational ideas. Allowing yourself freedom to do so is one secret to moving to quantum change. [Listen from 13:55]

Building Momentum

Peggy helps her workshop attendees embody the future they want to see: she leads them into experiencing “the satisfaction of already living in the future that they want to create”. From there, it’s easy to reverse engineer the path to that future. Barry agrees that focusing on your vision of ‘better’ cuts through the noise and clarifies the creation process. You can choose from an infinite number of realities, Peggy comments, “but to make them come alive, you need to be excited about it and to believe that it already exists to have that satisfaction and euphoria, that love for living that life.” You then become a lightning rod to others aligned with the same vision. Barry remarks that the right people are drawn to you when you share your vision authentically. [Listen from 22:05]

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Friction vs Flow

“How successfully you create your reality is all about your level of understanding of friction versus flow,” Peggy emphasizes. Friction comes from trying to force things to go your way, flow is when things align naturally. She shares the secret of flow with listeners: “Your job is to be at the center of the tornado with a vision delivered with love; but you cannot control the tornado’s path.” You have to be open to the possibilities the tornado brings. Barry shares an example of flow with founding Nobody Studios. When people are aligned you can create a bigger wave that’s like a lighthouse, Peggy adds. [Listen from 30:10]

Getting Started

Barry asks how listeners can get started on this path. Peggy invites them to start with the questions on the Limitless Facebook page. These questions would help anyone and their community to envision the future they want to create. “Always start by being the James Cameron, creator of the Avatar world,” she advises. Believe in yourself as the creator of your world. [Listen from 39:20]