Barry O’Reilly wraps up 2022 in this solo episode of the Unlearn Podcast. He shares five unlearning stories from listeners across the globe. He recaps how Nobody Studios has evolved ahead of the equity crowdfunding campaign launch, and shares their plans for 2023.


Despite its young age, Nobody Studios has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Venture Studios of 2022. This accolade is a humbling one, Barry comments, and motivates Nobody to prove that it’s deserved by building themselves over time.

Nobody Studios plans to launch 4 new companies this month, with 8 more in incubation. They are also going to be the first ever venture studio to offer equity crowdfunding to the world when it goes live at the end of the year.

As for the Unlearn Podcast, it continues to grow from strength to strength. At 150,000 downloads with 5,000 downloads a month, the Unlearn Podcast is in the top 5% of podcasts listened to worldwide. [Listen from 1:05]



Unlearning Stories

Albert Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.”
Listeners from across the globe share their unlearning stories as they grow closer to the persons they want to become:

  • Fred from Barcelona describes unlearning the fear of failure, and how it held him back. [Listen from 5:25]
  • Jane in New York talks about relearning confidence as a young person, rejecting the societal notion that age is the determining factor for the value of someone’s contribution. [Listen from 7:10]
  • Sonya from Rio De Janeiro renounces softening her authority and diminishing her voice as a woman, encouraging other women to speak out and stand up against the societal conditioning of women to be passive. [Listen from 9:50]
  • Stephen in Melbourne shares how he challenged his belief about his daughter, deciding to investigate the reason behind her behavior, and how it changed their relationship for the better. [Listen from 13:00]
  • Veronica from Singapore explains unlearning her preconceived idea of happiness, and the importance of making your happiness a priority. [Listen from 15:15]

Barry’s biggest unlearning of 2022 also involved understanding what makes him happy and how to make more time for what does. Deleting social media freed much of his time, he comments. After realizing just how much of his time was being sucked into “low-return activities,” he found the breakthrough behavior of no longer scrolling through social media feeds. [Listen from 16:00]

Unlearn podcasts mentioned:

  • Living Your Leadership Principles To Learn and Unlearn with Joe Norena
  • Finding Your Leadership Voice with Diana Stepner
  • Looking Ahead

    Barry has many big moments in store for 2023. In addition to the launch of Nobody Studios’s crowdfunding campaign and companies, Barry will be partnering with LearnCrunch in February to launch an High Performance Leadership Program. Also, the Unlearn Program with Stephen Downing is also going live next year. Stay tuned to take advantage of opportunities to work together. [Listen from 19:30]