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The way to think differently is to act differently. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and find your edge with excellence.

Client Testimonials

“Barry was instrumental in the conception and formation of an ‘innovation engine’ at Not only were we able to identify and develop winning ideas at pace but we doubled revenue for the business.”

John Crosby

Chief Product, Trading and Commercial Officer

“Barry advised on leadership coaching, business transformation and inspired our Sprint Masters to push innovation throughout the company, especially with senior stakeholders to create space for continuous innovation in the product development lifecycle. “

Kai Haley

Head of Design Relations and Sprint Master Academy

“Barry approach proved to be very engaging in our business for stakeholders up to board level – instead of ‘here is a big programme – trust us’ the message was ‘here is a game changing initiative and you can touch and feel the first steps of it’. He helps us really own the outcome and developed both as a team and as individuals.”

John Mornement

Former CTO

“Barry has a really synthetic view, which is key to reduce challenges to small iterations that help getting quick feedback and re-adapting to maximize value. He really understands lean and agile methodologies and sees how they can be used, not only in startups, but even in larger, more complex companies.”

Samuel Lacarta Chavarrias

Commercial Director

“Barry helped AIB, the largest retail bank in Ireland, achieve a step change in its digital journey. By combining his senior level communication skills with his deep insight on how to leverage technology at scale, he influenced key stakeholders across the bank to do things differently.”

Allan Molloy

Head of Customers, Channels and Payments

“Barry is exceptionally good at leading teams in the process of new product development. He gets teams into fast iterations, getting results that may not be achievable in other ways. Barry led two product initiatives for me at JustGiving. He is an excellent coach to the team, leaving everyone energised and more productive after each interaction.”

Anna Kuriakose

Chief Product Officer

“Barry can take you and your team on a journey towards disrupting the disruptors. He helped us cut cycle times in half in order to deliver new products and platforms more frequently. In fact we went from huge twice yearly releases to multiple releases per day. Energizing teams with mutual respect between stakeholders which may be broken.”

Fin Goulding

Chief Information Officer

“Fantastic – it was a pleasure spending some time with us!”

Noran Knobbe


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