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How American Airlines is Transforming Its Culture by Transforming Delivery

How does a major airline stuck with languishing technology projects suddenly start making rapid improvements in product delivery, customer satisfaction,...
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Decentralizing Data: From Data Monolith to Data Mesh with Zhamak Dehghani

Barry O’Reilly and this week’s guest, Zhamak Dehghani met 10 years ago when they worked together at ThoughtWorks. Zhamak is...
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Precision Product Creation: Generating The Right Offer At The Right Time By Creating Your Information Portfolio

For decades, a frustration has been growing among executives, entrepreneurs, and teams who wish to make better decisions and create...
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Keep Learning Forward with Amy Farrow

“Amy Farrow [is] a seasoned executive who lives at the center of customer-focused product and technology innovation,” Barry O’Reilly says....
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Bold Product Decisions with Quincy Carroll

Quincy Caroll has a passion for delighting users, fans, and communities through world-class mobile, web, and computer applications and services....
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Building for Tomorrow with Sara Wood

Sara Wood is the CEO of Kaluza. She is a product leader, non-executive board member and a “builder at heart”...
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I've written two international bestsellers

Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results, and co-authored Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale

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How Empathy Drives Innovation with Dr. Gail Lebovic

Dr. Gail Lebovic is a surgeon and entrepreneur whose work has made a great impact on the healthcare space, particularly...
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Transforming Product Portfolio Management: How We Started Our Own Agile Revolution

How do you persuade a 50-year-old company with a long tradition of waterfall development, a conservative business culture, and a...
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How Alignment Scaled a Unicorn with Kim Atherton

As a trained occupational psychologist, Kim Atherton has worked with leaders and organizations to understand how they create high-performance teams....
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If We’re Not Winning We’re Learning with Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson is the guest of this week Unlearn Podcast. Martin is the co-founder of ProductTank and the Mind the...
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Spin The Business Agility Flywheel To Transform Your Company

For most businesses, Agile transformations have been disappointing, if not disastrous, with 96% failing to generate the capability to adapt...
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Brave Narratives for Bold Change with Thaniya Keereepart

This week’s guest is Thaniya Keereepart, Head of Product, International at Patreon. Thaniya joined Patreon after working with Major League...
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