Success in today’s business world is dependent on more than just technology. Building a fully automated deployment pipeline will certainly help teams deliver their work faster, but it doesn’t address the fundamental question, “Are we delivering value to our customers?”

While technology is now a strategic capability for any organization, many large organizations fail to reap rewards of their investment because their culture and mindset does not support experimentation and learning.

Adopting Lean Enterprise At Scale

In this talk Joanne and I shared;

  • why technology is only one part of the puzzle to truly transform your business
  • what are the key issues that are holding organizations back
  • how to create a culture of experimentation and learning — even in highly regulated, bureaucratic environments
  • how to adopt lean enterprise practices and principles to achieve high-performance at scale

We showcase real life examples from government, travel, and other enterprise organizations who have amplified the value technology by changing their culture.

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